A legally binding online identity


Secure confirmation in seconds


livID enables your customers to process personal data:

within seconds, without a password and securely. This

allows you to design existing services more efficiently

through end-to-end digitization - or to implement completely new business models that were previously not possible.


Binding at the highest level


Thanks to a particularly secure and reliable identity check,

livID is the only digital identity that enables you to make

legally binding transactions with the highest level of liability.

Closer to your customer

Your customers benefit by having access to a central portal at any time and from anywhere, where the correspondence from several providers can be bundled - whether at home, on the go or on vacation.

New standards for events

Guaranteed no black market With livID ticketing you can issue electronic tickets that are personal and non-transferable. At the entrance, a simple and quick biometric identification ensures that the tickets have not been resold - this effectively prevents the black market.

Electronic patient file

With livID-E-Health, treatment teams and service providers use the full potential of E-Health. Structured data enables e.g. time series of measured values and simpler analyzes. There are clear advantages through better teamwork, easier access to information, time savings and smooth transitions between treatment locations - to the benefit of your patients.

If you would like to find out more about livID, please contact us, we will be happy to provide you with information.